Written, directed and performed by: Romana Ercegovic

Co-production of Ritual Theatre Research Studio and Theatre Ptuj

Premiere in Slovene language: October 15th 2001, Theatre Ptuj, Slovenia

Premiere in English: May 23rd 2002, Theatre Ptuj, Slovenia


The dramatization of the ancient Greek myth of Electra through the perspective of the famous ancient Greek story of revenge deals with the question of forgiving, loving and personal happiness in today’s patriarchal society.

Mary Magdalene

Marija Magdalena
Photo: Stojan Kerbler

“What a powerful performance – and so filled with sensuality! So pure and clean. You are brave, Romana. A beautiful creation.” Marit Singelstad

“From the depths of sacredness… Beautiful and powerful performance!” Andreja Cepuš

“Absolutely beautiful, dear Romana. Your performance touches me deeply. Thank you for sharing this wonderful expression of love!” Christine Wegener

Romana Ercegovic - Mary Magdalene 1 foto Stojan Kerbler

Sacred theater performance MARY MAGDALENE

Playwright, Director and Performer: Romana Ercegović

Prayer to the Earth


“When you can feel the peace
of the early morning
in your chest
the horses neigh
ready to take you home”

Prayer to the Earth is a story of an inner journey.
Of returning home, to the source.
A plain story of a woman
who reveals herself in the sanctuary of nature.
She allows herself to be vulnerable
and surrenders to Love,
to purify her
of all that has prevented her to be truly happy.
It is a poetry which opens, uncovers, liberates.”