6 days workshop “AUTHENTIC ACTING – experience of imagination, creativity, playful aspectology and sensual awareness of the nature”



“Authentic acting”

An experience of joyful playing with aspects, creative expression and integration


Facilitated by: Dr. Romana Ercegović

Location: Slovenia
Time: (Exact dates will be announced soon; if you are interested you can send as a note and we will send you more precise information)

No acting experience needed.

The workshop will be taking place with a small group, maximum 7 participants, so we can create a safe creative space with individual approach and as well create interactions of acting in a group.

Hkim2ave you ever wanted to try acting on stage? Experiencing yourself through different aspects, stepping out of limitation of who you think you are and play with some aspects of you, moods, emotions, you never dared to express freely? How does it feel to express you most subtle essence, to embody the divinity within and your royal magnificence through voice, movement, spoken words?

We will be opening and deepening our perception with the loving assistance and support of Gaia, tapping into the gentle and light energies of the nature. Important part of the process will be diving within, connection with our stories, maybe hidden or forgotten ones, that want to be told and parts of us, that want to be expressed. Creativity comes with free and natural flow of allowing… The reason of lack of creativity is often just a fear of expressing something we don’t like about ourselves.  Usually we want to appear just nice, beautiful and spiritually correct, but the river creativity can freely flow only as we accept all of us and allow to express it.  In our retreat, we will create a safe, relaxed space where each participant can feel accepted and respected. Much of the process is based on connecting with other participants in an authentic way and exploring our own creativity in the moment.

During this week will create a short play, few scenes from selected theater script, which we can, if everybody agrees, also record in the end.

We will care also for loving activities of our bodies with dancing and hiking.

This very joyful and also deep transformational approach is only for those who take full responsibility for your life.

The whole group will be living together in a house in a beautiful Slovenian landscape, cooking dinners together and having fun together. A glass of wine is allowed only after 8 pm 🙂 But of course there will be enough time when you can take your own free time.


For more information contact: romana.ercegovic@gmail.com